Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kiss-Mas Snowman

Loom Knitted

 © December 2015 By Kathy B Bouras

All words and Photos are the sole property of Kathy Bouras

This Pattern is not to be altered or shared in any way without my written permission


This pattern was created by watching my grandchildren loving to make a snowman on a sunny warm winter day with their papa, mind you they were 3 & 4 years old and didn’t understand why the snowman melted by the end of the day, and cried, but we worked so hard with papa to make this for you meme when they saw him melted, the oldest was devastated and said she would never build another snowman if he was going to melt. So I had to think quickly, I wanted a special snowman for her that wouldn’t melt, so off I dashed to my Kiss Looms while she was asleep. I created what I told her was magical snowmen when she awoke, her eyes were so big and she looked at me and says meme you’re the best. So now that winter is upon us once again she wants to come build a magical snowman right outside my patio, so I can see it every day and know she made it just for me, Children are what makes the Christmas season seem so alive

Gauge: 18 st x 24 rows per 4”

Height: 7”


Loom: 30 Peg Small Gauge Compact Short Slim or 60 Peg Small Gauge Compact Slim 2-Way Adjustable . 30 peg small gauge found here or the 60 peg small gauge can be found here USING the one peg ends on either loom choice.

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