Links Of Interest

These are some links I use frequently while loom knitting

 Stitch Pattern Calculator

How many repeats of this stitch pattern can I fit into my stitch count? How many stitches would I need to have for my stitch pattern to fit perfectly?

Printable Baby Birth Certificates

For use for Kiss Kids and Raggedy Ann dolls ect….

Knitting Tensions/Gauge

Knit a tension swatch before you start with any new yarn. This may save you a lot of time later. A swatch should be at least six inches square, also it includes how to do (WPI) wrap per inch

Knitting Pattern Convertor

Helps in converting a patterns

Hand Knit Beret or Tam Generator

A web based program to generate a Tam or Beret

Fill-in the Blanks Shawl Design

Do you create shawls check this out

Yarn Index

Choose your yarn and the site will tell you all about it

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