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Working with a Kiss Loom some basics

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This is my first video. The loom pick I am using is for spreading wires apart and can be found in a auto store. I Thought it was time to pay it forward to all those who helped me learn the Kiss Looms, by helping others learn as well. Leave a comment if there is something that could be improved. For more information on Kiss Looms you can visit their website here 
More videos to come as time permits. I had allot of fun creating this video. I am thinking the next video I do is how to make a i-cord on a Kiss loom.If you have a suggestion please let me know.

How to do the Drawstring cast on with a Kiss Loom
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I hope this clarifies on how to do the drawstring cast on using a Kiss Loom
This video will take you through the drawstring cast on using a Kiss Loom.
The Kiss Loom can be found here The Kiss Loom is a Adjustable Gauge Loom. So if your looking for a loom that the gauge can be adjusted these are the looms you're looking for then. They have a great customer service department. So for all your Kiss Loom needs visit the site to see what they have to offer, you will be surprised.

3-6- & 9 peg i-cord done on a Kiss Loom


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I will show you how to make a i-cord on a Kiss loom in this video. Looms can be purchased at

Some cute patterns done on the Kiss Loom, as well as the Kiss Loom site and more patterns can be found at the yahoo groups Check back as time permits I will be adding more patterns and videos. Thanks for stopping by.

Working With The Super Stretchy Bind Off In The Round On A Kiss Loom

Super Stretchy Bind Off  While Working In The Round On A Kiss Loom, Where You’re Not Using All The Pegs On Your Loom.
For this tutorial I am using a Kiss small gauge compact slim found here

We will be using 28 pegs not the total 30 pegs on this loom. So cast on of your choice and u stitch knit enough rows to see the fabric coming through the opening, and then you’re ready to start this tutorial. I forgot to mention in the video how to fix, if the stitch looks loopy where your end pegs were. So once this video is done uploading   I will up load this fix which will be called  
Loops When Doing Super Stretchy Bind Off On A Kiss Loom

This tutorial will show you how to fix loops that are created when knitting in the round, with a Kiss Loom, when doing the Super Stretchy bind off.




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