Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to do the Drawstring cast on with a Kiss Loom
Happy Valentines Day to all

I hope this clarifies on how to do the drawstring cast on using a Kiss Loom
This video will take you through the drawstring cast on with a Kiss Loom. The Kiss Looms can be found here, The Kiss Loom is a Adjustable Gauge Loom. So if your looking for a loom that the gauge can be adjusted this is the loom you're looking for. They have a great customer service Department. So for all your Kiss Loom needs visit the site to see what they have to offer you'll be surprised.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Drawstring Cast on with a Kiss Loom

 How to do a Drawstring Cast on with a Kiss Loom

I hope this will help the new owners of a Kiss Loom learn this easy technique, this is just one of the cast on methods that can be used on a Kiss Loom,this cast on can be used for hats,toys and other knitted projects.
Would love to hear if this has helped you with learning this technique.
As soon as my computer is back up and running I plan to post my video on this technique.
So in the meantime 

you can download my document here.

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